MomDoc Midwives in Tucson shutting its doors by end of September

Employees are left without a job and expectant mothers are in disbelief after the MomDoc Midwives' corporate office in Chandler sent termination letters to Tucson's office employees.
Employees told KGUN9 they received news Monday afternoon that their Tucson office was closing permanently Thursday. Employees say they received a 10-day notice of termination without a cause.
Patients said they only got a four-day notice. 
Allyssa Credio is 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow. She and her husband Sam say they were very worried and weren't sure if any OB/GYN's would take them so far along. 
"We just spent the last 8 months establishing a rapport with a midwife and OB/GYN that we were absolutely so happy with and then just being told that is not who you are going to be delivering with and you will have someone else and we don't know anything about this person," Sam Credio said. 
They say since being notified, they decided they will be going to the El Rio Birth Center. 
A midwife at Tucson's MomDoc office says about 90 expectant mothers are in the same boat as the Credio family.  
According to MomDoc's Facebook, it states that the company made arrangements with another doctor from Copperstate OB/GYN to accept their patients.
The closing date has been extended to the end of September. KGUN9 reached out to the company for comment, but they did not get back to us. 
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