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Mini Horses rescued from alleged murderer

Posted at 10:20 PM, May 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-08 01:20:43-04
Two mini horses are on the road to recovery after reportedly being abused in Oro Valley. For the first time, we're learning their former owner was an accused murderer.
Local horse rescue Heart of Tucson says they took in the two mini horses after their owner was charged with murdering his wife. George Majewski allegedly beat Dr. Karen Dubash to death in April of last year.
Today, one of his former horses made his recovery debut.
Blackberry and Eagle are doing well now, but Heart of Tucson president, Cindy Butierez says that's not the condition they were in one year ago.
"They did a lot of things which would make us believe that they were abused and neglected," said Butierez."They were very much aggressive or this one, when we used to get him finally in halter he would just shake and hide behind us."
The mini horses were turned over to Heart of Tucson after their owner, George Majewski was arrested. Dubash worked as a veterinarian, and Majewski also practiced veterinary medicine before his license revoked in 2010.
"They did not take care of these horses the way that they should have been taken care of. First the handling, but also the hooves, not getting them gelded, and they were basically like front lawn ornaments. We were kind of surprised they came from a vet's place."
Heart of Tucson helped both the mini horses get their health back but they still have a long way to go. Butierez says some of the damage is permanent. 
The rescue group held a Kentucky Derby-style fundraiser in the foothills on Saturday. The money raised will help in the mini horses' recovery along with other horses they have rescued. 
Blackberry's incredible progress was showcased for the first time at the event.
In the case of Dr. Dubash's death the mistreated animals should have been a warning sign. 
"I feel that when you see stuff like this happening to animals there's a great chance that it could be happening at home. It was happening at the home."     
Heart of Tucson is a non-profit organization and currently has four other rescued that horses that are up for adoption. The two mini horses are set to be used for educational purposes at schools and community events. To learn more or donate click here.