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Stolen mail in Midtown: How to protect yourself from mail theft

Posted at 4:59 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-06 21:13:19-04

Residents have reported mail stolen in the Garden District area from Speedway and Grant to Columbus and Alvernon.   

Jeri Bradley is a neighborhood resident and her mail has been stolen before. 

She tells me she has seen a group of kids around 13-years-old riding their bikes through the neighborhood and they strike when no one is looking. 

"They get into the mailboxes and when I get up or when I see them they just run off," said Bradley. 

She says the kids would come around frequent during the summer, but now they come after school.

Recently, Bradley noticed kids on skateboards doing the same thing. 

"They ride up, look in, and scoot off like that," she said. 

In this situation, a postal inspector says to immediately report mail theft to either the County Sheriffor Tucson Police Department, depending on your location. Also report it to U.S. Postal Inspection.

"We do focus and target certain areas that we do see an increase on and there is a few areas around town that we are targeting," said David Birch, United States Postal Inspector for Tucson. "Central Tucson is one of them, far eastside is another."

Birch advises to check your mail everyday. He says if you will be gone for a couple days, have a neighbor or friend get your mail. Having the post office hold your mail until you can come in and pick it up is another option. 

He says if you have any information regarding mail theft that leads to an arrest, there is a reward up to $10,000.