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Local parents turn to social media to help find formula

Formula shortage impacting parents
Baby Formula Shortage
Posted at 3:28 PM, May 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-16 19:52:45-04

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Baby formula maker Abott has reached an agreement with U.S. Health Regulators to restart production.

This news comes after the FDA investigated the company, following the death of two babies who got bacterial infections through consuming powered formula from an Abott plant.

The plant closing down in February, along with other supply chain issues, has ultimately added to the strained shortage of formula.

While the shortage is extremely hard for parents, it's also brought many of them together online.

Andrea Gonzalez, an admin of an Arizona Facebook group called Arizona Baby Formula BST, says in her groups, parents are constantly working to help each other.

"It's been really hard. We actually had to travel to Douglas and Benson," Gonzalez said. "Benson is about 45 minutes away from us. And Douglas is two hours and we've traveled all the way over there just to be able to get her formula."

She says that's when she knew turning to social media could help.

"Everybody is so just thankful," Gonzalez said. "Moms are getting along and like coming together and helping each other out and saying, hey, like, my baby's on this same formula too, if you want, like I can share a can with you."

The Facebook group she's referring to now has over 600 members. Many of them are parents from all over Arizona.

Gonzalez, who has given away formula on the site, says she too has had others offer her help.

"She said I want to be able to help you feed your little one for a little bit," Gonzalez shared. "So she said just to give me her address. And she shipped the formula out for me. And she actually wrote in a note too and she said I hope this formula is able to feed your little one for some time...She also put in like a little goodie bag with face masks for me and hand sanitizer and I just thought...she gave me like hope in humanity again."

If you'd like to help other parents find baby formula. You can help by posting a picture of the baby formula aisle at your local store in the comments on our Facebook page.

Just make sure to put the store location and time in order to give parents a real time look at what stores have during this shortage.

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