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Local officer goes viral for slamming NFL players for kneeling during national anthem

Posted at 10:27 PM, Sep 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-30 01:28:28-04

Local police officer Brandon Tatum racked up millions of views on the web for his own opinion on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. 

"The flag and the national anthem have nothing to do with what you are talking about," said Tatum during his Facebook video. 

He appeared on Fox and Friends and Fox Business Friday.

Then later in the afternoon was a guest on The James T. Harris Show on KGUN9's sister radio station 104.1 KQTH.

"The most powerful part in your video, you actually talk about football players who played a game and they may lose and go home and cry about it and they go practice and play a game again but people who are on the front lines if they lose the game they don't come home... talk about that a little bit," said James T. Harris. 

"Well I just want to say he is absolutely delusional to think that paying a sport where you may get a bruise on your toe to be the ultimate sacrifice," replied Tatum. 

Officer Tatum says kneeling won't solve our country's problems.

"Respect the country... that is the bottom line that is where you start. That is the foundation of who you are as an American citizen you respect the flag and if you have issues with this country by all means you know come out and talk about it. I made a video about my concerns and go out and do your activism but don't just be a talker, don't be a kneeler," said Tatum.

He says people are attributing negativity to the flag and national anthem and not remembering what it stands for. 

"One thing that brings us all together no matter what color we are no matter what profession we are in no matter male or female, if we are confused no matter what it is, that flag brings us all together," he said.

However, opponents online say kneeling is a symbol of the country not living up to its ideals against racism and police brutality.