Local man builds pen holders for vets to show his gratitude for their sacrifice

TUCSON, Ariz. - Jerry Sorrells strolls through the halls of building one at the VA in Tucson saying hello and good morning to those he passes by. 

Wednesdays, in particular, have looked like this for the 78-year-old. He spends those days walking up and down the hallways of the building, not only greeting those he comes across but also giving them something made with his own hands, wooden pen holders. 

"I wanted to make something and so I just, I made one and then that's how I got started," Sorrells said. 

The wooden pen holders, a small way for Sorrells to show the men and women who he encounters he appreciates them. 

The journey that has gotten him to where he is now, however, has been a long and touching one for Sorrells.

"One day I made one and it just said thank you on it and i put a flag on it and I went to Fry's grocery and I found a veteran and I gave it to him and he teared up and that was just real emotional and i got back to my truck and i thought man that really felt good and I've been doing them ever since," he said.

As for his mission, that's simple, showing his thankfulness. 

"Some of them have never been thanked, I've had that remark before, they say nobody has ever thanked me, and so well it's happening now," said Sorrells.

Through it all, he never doubts what he does, what he makes, or who it's for. 

"Each day I don't have to say what am I going to do today, I know what I'm gonna do, it's to make more pen holders," Sorrells said. 

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