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Tucson cop called a hero for finding stolen grave site decorations

Posted at 10:34 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 00:36:30-05
A Tucson family was devastated after their daughter's grave site was robbed.
Now a Tucson police officer is being called a hero for what he did to return her meaningful memorabilia. 
Michael Luria went to visit his daughter, 18-year-old Kelsey Luria, at her grave site Sunday morning. 
Upon arrival, he noticed that the glass hearts, dream catchers, and a glass butterfly usually on the grave were gone. 
"All of the ornamental and decorations that our family has left for her were missing, completely gone. As were other decorations on other grave sites."
After the initial shock, Luria spoke with cemetery workers asking if they touched her grave.
They said they hadn't.
But an anonymous tip revealed that someone had been going through the cemetery and stealing decorations.
Luria decided to take the lead and run with it which lead him to the Terrace Motel on Miracle Mile. 
After getting as much information as possible, Luria decided to head home to avoid putting himself in danger but approached Officer Johnson who was in his police cruiser. 
Officer Johnson tells KGUN 9 that when he met Luria, he knew something was wrong.
"I can see it on his face. Hurt. Disgust," Johnson said.
To Luria's amazement, Officer Johnson called him the next day. 
"I had a starting point and then happened to resolve it very quickly that day," Johnson said.
The lead that Luria provided to police led to an arrest and they were able to get many of the decorations back. 
If you have anything missing from your loved ones grave contact the Tucson Police Department.