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Hundreds in Tucson climate change demonstration in Tucson

Meteorologist goes on rant about climate change
Posted at 7:21 PM, Sep 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-20 22:21:48-04

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Millions of youth are participating in the global climate change strike, including here in Tucson.

In fact, many skipped out on school, and many adults got out of work, around the world to protest climate change.

They are demanded "an end to the age of fossil fuels" in more than 150 countries, ahead of the opening of the United Nations general assembly and the Climate Action Summit on September 23rd.

Their chants and homemade signs gave the same stern message to world leaders: to address climate change and fast.

Lilia Lopez, was very vocal today, expressing her frustration with what (to her) seem like a lack of action on the government’s part.

“This is a climate emergency and we need to start making change now, because it’s going to be too late,” Lopez told KGUN9

Protesters, like Elizabeth Randolph, say the time for change is now.

“We’re demanding that our laws are keeping our climate safe and that they aren’t hurting them and polluting them,” added Randolph.

Maxine Cransnow, who thinks of her grandchildren said that are specific action that need to be taken in order to be able to slow down climate change.

“The end of fracking, that Tucson goes solar, and that around the world they change to renewables to wind power and solar,” said Cransnow.

High school senior Kate Fetkenhour, also held a homemade sign. She told KGUN the time for the government to act is now.

“Making moves to help eliminate single use plastic and to help the planet instead of just watching it die,” Fetkenhour added.

With signs in hand, protesters made their voices heard -- because to them, this strike was not just about climate change. To them, as Laura Angeley-Devereux stated, this strike means the possibility for a better tomorrow.

“I’m out here because of my daughter. I’m out here because of the future of the planet and to ensure that she has a place to call home,” Angeley-Devereux told KGUN9.

Protesters came from all over Tucson this evening to join hundreds in Presidio Park where they talked about solutions and shared messages of hope and action.

“It’s our future. A lot of people who are in government , it’s not their future so it’s really frustrating that they are making decisions for us, when we are going to be living in that time. So, we’re here to take a stand and fight for our future,” said Lidia Lopez.

KGUN9 spoke to people who were very vocally against the idea of climate change, but they did not want to comment any further on camera.