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How you can prevent bugs from taking over your home

Culex Mosquito
Posted at 10:15 PM, Aug 27, 2021

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — You have probably noticed more bugs than usual around the area. The busy monsoon is one of the main factors behind all the extra pests.

"Activity gets busier when it rains, but it really gets busier after it stops raining for a week or two," John Smalley, the owner of Pest Friends said.

Smalley says one of the biggest issues they are seeing right now are termites.

"You know it hasn't rained in two years, so the termites were really deep," Smalley said. This rain has really activated quite a bit of activity."

But for some of the more common insects like moths, spiders, and mosquitoes, you can take a few steps to help minimize their presence.

Smalley says that turning off outside lights will help immensely. Spiders and other insects are drawn to the light. He also recommends maintaining brush and other shrubs to keep some of the bugs away. You should also double check doors and windows to make sure they are fully shut. Smalley says that bugs like the cooler air inside of apartments and homes.

"If you take control of your environment, you can minimize your challenges," Smalley said. "We live in Tucson. In the wild west you are going to have challenges."

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