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How Pima County is looking to prevent voter fraud

Posted at 5:27 PM, Oct 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-19 08:39:30-04

Some are claiming voter fraud after Indiana's Secretary of State confirmed thousands of birthdays were changed which in turn invalidated voter registrations, leaving many people the without the ability to vote in November 

Now many are wondering how can Tucson ensure that voter fraud doesn't happen here in Pima County. One of the ways voter fraud can happen is people exercising their right to vote twice and people voting for their deceased loved ones. 
Nearly 9,300 people died in Pima County last year and many of them were registered voters set to cast their vote this November.
F. Ann Rodriguez with the Pima County Recorders Office tells me there are multiple ways her office is notified, including by the Pima County Health Department. 
She tells KGUN, "There's also paid obituaries that give us enough information and people will do that. Voters have given us copies of their death certificates of their late spouses so we get all those things."
While many spouses report the death, some could cast an invalid vote. But Rodriguez insists this is where signatures come into play. 
"If we question the signature we're going to be calling them because the one thing my staff always say and it's my policy, if we're questioning the signature we must speak to the voter. We have to actually speak to the voter."
Here in Pima County, nearly 80% of people send in early ballots, while others forget and wind up with two votes for one person.
Rodriguez says this happens, "because the poll workers will have the information that that person has been issued an early ballot and they have no idea if that voter has returned that ballot to us and that's why they are given the provisional ballot."
Once those ballots go in for the count, it will be flagged for having an early ballot already submitted.