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House Education Committee supports bill allowing Vail to take over Santa Rita HS

Posted at 9:39 AM, Feb 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-13 13:50:21-05

A new bill that could allow struggling schools to join a different district is now on its way through the Arizona legislature.

HB 2524, introduced by Republican state Rep. Todd Codfelter of Tucson, was studied and approved by the House Education Committee,  and is now a step closer to heading to the Senate. The legislative panel released the bill with a 6-5 vote, which means it will now move on to the next stage. 

The measure could allow T.U.S.D.'s Santa Rita High school to join the Vail Unified School District. It has definitely started a battle over the school between both T.U.S.D. and Vail. 

T.U.S.D. does not want to give up Santa Rita, and it is still unclear if Vail is willing to change its district's boundaries to take over the campus. 

The bill would require the Arizona School Facilities Board to take over any campus that is at less than 25 percent of its capacity and would offer the school to a neighboring district. However, the district must be high-performing, growing and the district governing board votes to accept the annexed school.

It would apply to any school that is operating at less than 25 percent of its capacity.