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Caught on camera! How to monitor your home when you're away

Posted at 5:29 PM, Feb 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 17:54:49-05

We've seen a man stealing lawn decorations from a home in the Rita Ranch area, and surveillance video that shows what looks like a thief stealing valuables from a home on the northwest side.

Last year KGUN9 told you about a Tucson man who's surveillance camera caught a pair of thieves stealing Star Trek collectibles from his open garage. The stolen goods were eventually returned. 

Experts say the latest technology has made it easier and cheaper to monitor your home. KGUN9 took at look at what is available for people who want to keep an eye on their home when no one is around. A search for "home security systems" on Amazon turns up thousands of results. 
Some systems include multiple cameras and are more pricey. KGUN9 tested out a Zmodo camera for about $50. You can set it up anywhere and it pan and tilts in all directions. 
The camera also connects to the Internet, and you can record and move the camera through an app on your Smartphone. 
Experts say another popular option is Ring. The smart door bell system records when it senses motion and also alerts the homeowner through an application on your phone. The system costs around $200, depending on where you buy it. 
Rick Moore with Moore Security Solutions says over the years the technology has changed tremendously. He recommends HD cameras and suggests at least putting them up on the front porch, back porch and driveway.
"The technology has gotten good enough now that that we can identify people and get good pictures, but I think it's driven mostly by demand," Moore said.
"When they come through that door, it usually means something bad has happened to them, or their car has been broken into," Moore said. "Hopefully it's not much worse than that."
Smartphones have turned the security system around, Moore said. A lot of the home surveillance systems available can be controlled right from your phone.
Even if you do catch a thief on camera, you still have to report it to police. To keep your home secure Tucson Police suggests you keep your home well lit, put up signs that you have an alarm system because that might deter burglars, get to know your neighbors and if you see anyone suspicious call 9-1-1.