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Green Valley Fire District sends team to Napa

Posted at 10:14 PM, Oct 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 01:14:58-04

As wildfires continue to burn in Northern California, crews from all over the Western parts of the country are on the way to help out -- including a crew from the Green Valley Fire District. The personnel were ready to go, they just needed to wait for the call, according to GVFD's L.T. Pratt.

"You could feel it in the room, these guys drumming up inside going, we'll wait for the call, and we'll be ready to go," Pratt said.

On Wednesday morning, they received a call from Cal Fire asking for help, and by Wednesday afternoon, a team was on the way to Napa.

"They'll be on the road for about two days," Pratt said. "Once there, they'll receive their assignments."

Pratt expects the team of three wildland firefighters will be gone for two weeks, helping out however they can. They're equipped with special wildland fire clothing and gear designed for these situations, different than traditional fire equipment and clothing.

The crews had their fair share of wildland fires throughout the season, as fire after fire pounded Southern Arizona, scorching land and destroying homes, but this situation in Northern California is a bit different.

"Any time you see and experience the loss of life in a wildland fire situation," Pratt said. "It always causes you to think a little bit deeper to the circumstances and what you may be getting yourself into. What they are asked to do is extremely dangerous. The environment and the wildland fire is extremely complex and dynamic. And I just wish them the very best."