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Friday the 13th: Do you have superstitions?

Posted at 5:16 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 21:21:19-04

It's Friday the 13th and some people are so superstitious they choose to stay home while other choose to embrace the day. 

The line was out the door at Sacred Art Tattoo as people waited in line to get their Friday the 13th tattoos for $13. 

The tattoo parlor is expected to see more than 40 customers. 

Many who went to get a tattoo say, it's tradition. 


"Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I have a pumpkin tat here and I want to continue it up my arm," says customer, Leo Verde. 

Whether you're superstitious or not - Friday the 13th gives people the heebie-jeebies. 

For many people who have triskaidekaphobia, fearing or avoiding the number 13 is a real thing. 

  • 80% of high rises don't have the 13th floor. 
  • Airports skip the 13th gate
  • Airplanes skip the 13th aisle
  • some hotels don't have a 13th room. 

Some cities and towns go as far as to not having the 13th street or 13th Avenue but in Tucson they have a 13th street. 

For many years, people have feared the black cat superstition. 

Humane Society of Arizona says, they have done away with that superstition and they have adopted out black cats on and during Friday the 13th.

"I have had black cats and my neighbors would get freaked out if I let my cat run around outside on Friday the 13th. But I have never had anything happen to me," says Marian Bustillos. 

Josh McCauley says, superstitions make everything more exciting. "You know the salt thing? one year, I dropped salt - 7 years of bad luck, I guess," says Josh.