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Fake job offers can cost you! Is that a real job offer or a scam?

Scammers targeting job seekers in 2020
Posted at 6:56 AM, Dec 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-18 08:56:09-05

Scams tend to be the most successful when you are most vulnerable. So, if you're looking for a job, you're a big target.

Fake jobs and fake checks were a big scam in 2019.

And as more people look for flexible jobs, it's expected to be as significant or even more prevalent in 2020.

We receive a handful of complaints every week from people questioning or being tricked by these scammers.

In one woman's case, it started with an offer she got on LinkedIn.

She would make $4,000 a month testing customer service at the post office.

Her would-be employer sent her a big check upfront telling her to buy $2,500 in money orders at the post office.

They said she should send them back to the employer and keep the rest of the money from the big check.

She did her part.

It turns out her money was good, but the check was fake.

It can happen on any job-seeking site.

Another woman got an offer to wrap her car in an ad.

She got a $1,900 check, and the employer wanted her to deposit it and send some money back.

When they threatened her, she backed out just in time.

These scammers use legitimate businesses and banks, then send fake checks and want your good money back.

And those looking for secret shoppers or work from home jobs are most vulnerable. does offer legitimate work from home and flexible jobs.

They say if you search "remote" or "telecommuting" jobs instead of "work from home," you will attract fewer scammers.