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Domestic violence and stalking up at the University of Arizona, Rape cases down

Posted at 6:38 PM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 21:38:17-04
Domestic violence at the University of Arizona is on the rise. As campus police released their safety and security report this afternoon. A number of crimes have continued to go up since 2013, however their biggest issue - rape has decreased significantly this year.
Despite the University's efforts, domestic violence and stalking continue to increase. These number include students and staff which combined brings the population of the University up to about 57,000. 
It's an alarming number for any parent as the report shows that in 2015 alone domestic violence went up 5 percent from last year. As for stalking, it increased by 217 percent. 
Kendall Washington White with UA Dean of students says both issues go hand in hand. Adding, "because what will happen often is when a student reports a relationship violence situation we will issue a no contact order."
Sometimes those restraining orders work and sometimes they escalate the behavior of the attacker.
White says, "the perpetrator will stake out and they know the class schedule. They know where the person is so it definitely goes hand in hand."
KGUN 9 asked campus police chief, Brian Seastone why the increase? 
He says many times students, as well as staff come into the university in toxic relationships. Therefore, leaving the campus police to protect them. 
While domestic violence increased, rapes cases on campus decreased by 36 percent. 
Seastone says, he hopes the drop comes from education and outreach. "people are being a little bit wiser in their choices and getting themselves out of situations that they might not have had before."
Officials emphasize that if you see something, say something. Also, report anything to them no matter how small students may think it is.