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Do famous ghosts haunt Old Tucson Studios?

Famous filming spot for old westerns
Posted at 4:02 PM, Oct 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-31 19:06:33-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — Old Tucson Studios brings visitors back to the Wild, Wild West with it's cowboy re-enactments and classic western buildings.

Stars like John Wayne, and Michael Landon once spent a lot of time walking these dirt paths, but what if their spirits still roam?

KGUN 9 went back to the Wild West for our final Paranormal investigations with the Tucson Ghost Company.

We started in the palace, known for it's giant stage and haunted shows.

"Here in the palace when I used to work the 3-11 shift up here along the balcony I've heard footsteps when I've been in here at night," Old Tucson security guard Mike said.

"We have heard footsteps," Becky Gydesen with Tucson Ghost Company said. "We have seen shadows."

The palace is where the crew set up camera equipment, K-2s, REM pods, and recorders to make sure they don't miss anything in the dark.

"First, what we're going to do is worry about the main cameras in here and in that main street," Becky told her team.

Then half of the crew headed to the mines - a popular haunted house for nightfall. When they showed up, a twist flashlight was already on.

"Can you twist that back off," Becky asked the dark. The flashlight faded into dark. "Thank you."

Becky said this ghost is named Tom. He's known for lurking in the mines.

"Tom, none of these things will harm you," Becky said. "Can you go ahead and turn that flashlight back on?"

The flashlight flickered back on.

"We've heard footsteps, so it's definitely really active here," Becky said. "We've had voices that we've heard. Distant sounds."

But the mines weren't the only place the crew saw and heard strange things.

"We had some really crazy things going on there with our K2s going off," Becky said. "And we don't understand why because we couldn't find any kind of electrical source."

Something the KGUN 9 crew experienced, too.

"I know Michael Landon used this church quite a bit and so did John Wayne," Becky said. "Those were like two that would constantly be here."

Becky says those people may have never left.

"When I was out here one time before I would mention John Wayne and it was like someone reacted to it. Is John Wayne out here?"

Suddenly, the team her knocking.

"Did you guys hear that?" Becky asked. One by one everyone answered "Not me."

So, was it John Wayne?

"We got the K2s going off over here," Becky said looking down at her blinking tool. "If you're a man can you light it up to red?"

Then the light flickered to red over and over.

Becky said it felt like something was in the church, and our crew felt it too.

So, are the haunted spirits of John Wayne and Michael Landon still entertaining guests at Old Tucson? That's something only answered in the Wild West.