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Contract suspended for 200 retired teacher subs in TUSD

Posted at 10:40 PM, Oct 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-02 01:40:26-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — The TUSD board will tackle Wednesday what's being called a new crisis involving substitute teachers.

200 retired teacher subs did not work today after the district told them not to show up for their scheduled classes.

And we're learning tonight that this issue didn't just suddenly surface.

All the retired full-time teachers in TUSD are now in limbo.

Pat Nash is a retired teacher who relies on subbing to help tackle his bills.

"That I got to pay for that I need this extra income."

KGUN9 has learned the contract with the outside company that manages the subs ESI has been suspended.

"Really what's going on is a lock out," said Dolores De Vera, who is an advocate for this group of subs.

In an internal email we've obtained the district instructed the subs to cancel all their class assignments and the district will get back to them when the issue is resolved.

"You're telling these guys they have to cancel the jobs they picked. That's not the way you treat anybody, but these are our retired teachers. We should really respect them," said De Vera.

Another emails shows the district knew about a potential problem back in August when ESI informed TUSD that these subs would no longer be covered.

Board member Mark Stegeman says he just heard of the contract suspension from subs and principals.

He said, "I got an email from a very distraught principal this morning saying what the heck is going on here. We have a big problem and principals across the district are having that reaction."

The district tells KGUN9 that it's not worried about a sub shortage -- with the 200 subs taken out rotation.

Here's part of a statement from TUSD's Human Resources Department.

"We simply need board approval to continue using the E-S-I contract to employ retired subs."

That item is on the board agenda Wednesday scheduled for a possible vote.

De Vera said, "They don't know it's going to be worked out Wednesday. We hope it will be worked out Wednesday."

"I don't know why or we'll hear why we had to have this two days of chaos," said Stegeman.

We've also learned that the superintendent will be recommending the approval of a one-semester E-S-I sub-source contract for these substitute teachers.

We'll keep you updated on the board's decision.