Cochise County Superior Court warns of jury duty scam

COCHISE COUNTY, Ariz. - The Cochise County Clerk of the Superior Court is warning residents about a jury duty scam.

Scammers are calling residents and using the names of real Cochise County officials to convince them they've missed a jury summons and court date.

Then, the scammers will demand payment for a fine using debit or gift card.

“Unfortunately, there have been many victims that have paid and lost their money,” said, County Jury Commissioner, Mary Ellen Dunlap. “Notices for jail duty are mailed and even if you missed your assigned time to show up we would not call you to report for jury duty. Law enforcement agencies will also not call you for failure to appear.”

Dunlap adds the best way to protect yourself is simply to hang up the phone. 

If you have questions about jury duty call the Cochise County Superior Court Jury Office at (520) 432-8585.

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