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Card skimming down in southern Arizona amid new nationwide concern

Posted: 4:25 PM, Jul 29, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-29 20:27:15-04
Card skimming down in southern Arizona amid new nationwide concern

Card skimming is a crime that's been happening for years. But now, thieves are trying something else. 

Law enforcement says it's seeing a dip in the number of card skimming cases in southern Arizona. 

Using a credit card at the gas pump could cost you a lot more than your tank of gas if you're not careful.

Arizona Weights and Measures found 56 card skimmers throughout the state last year. The number is nearly identical this year with 55 found. Almost all of the skimmers were in the Phoenix area.

In Oro Valley, three skimmers were found and removed in April.

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Deputy James Allerton with the Pima County Sheriff's Department says they're seeing fewer reports of these incidents. He tells KGUN9 he's not personally aware of any current ones. 

This comes as the FBI launched a national initiative to combat skimming, but now there's a new concern. The FBI says thieves have shifted to shimming to steal your information. They're using pinhole cameras or overlay devices to steal data from chips on debit and credit cards. 

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Dianna Moore says she's concerned about skimming when she goes to fill up her gas tank.

"You just don't know if there's a machine or something that they're doing," Moore said. "You know, you can't see it, I don't believe."

Allerton says skimming devices may be left on for just a matter of hours, so knowing the signs of skimming is the best way to protect yourself. 

Arizona Weights and Measures recommends the following:

  • Pay with cash or use your card inside
  • Look for loose or damaged equipment by the card reader. Wiggle the outside of the card reader before inserting your card.
  • If there are security seals, make sure they're in tact. 

More tips and recommendations can be found here

Here's a full list of where skimmers have been found in Arizona since 2016.