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Calls into air and heating companies increasing with freezing temps

Posted at 3:29 PM, Jan 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-03 17:48:39-05

TUCSON, Ariz. — The lower the temperature outside, the more problems that could arise with your heating and plumbing. Strongbuilt Plumbing and Air has seen its calls increase since southern Arizona's cold spell.

"As soon as the weather dropped, we noticed that our call volume went up tremendously. And that's purely because people are just using their furnace more often than over the last few years," said Brent Lush, the service manager at Strongbuilt.

Strongbuilt technicians have been working around the clock, with a big number of calls being for furnaces.

"Main issues for gas furnaces, is cleanliness," said Lush.

Technicians are dusting off those cob webs, making sure the system is clean and not polluting the air you breathe. For heat pumps, "People are starting to notice it's not heating their houses as well as they'd like it to. And that's purely just off of the function of a heat pump because its not that gas furnace that everyone is used to," said Lush.

The more furnaces that are being run on a frequent basis, the more problems will start to show up.

"If you look over that last few years, our weather's been so moderate, so the fact was that people weren't using their furnaces. So the fact that this year we are getting in the down into the 30s and 40s and even staying in the 50s throughout the day, the furnace is actually being used. So its purely off of run time," said Lush.

If you are one of the many turning on your heater for the first time in a while, be sure to get it checked by a professional company to make sure your heating unit is in good condition to run.