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Border mayors weigh in on wall

Posted at 6:58 PM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-15 07:22:25-05

President Donald Trump's executive order called to construct a border wall, but it could hurt both the United States and Mexico down the road. 

The Douglas and Agua Prieta mayors say they need each other to succeed and fuel each other's economy. 

Douglas mayor Robert Uribe and Agua Prieta mayor Hector Rubalcava Gastelum say they have a very dynamic relationship. 

They say it is important to demonstrate their collaboration and support for another. 

Since the president took office, both mayors say their cities have been affected. 

"I have seen a decline in our economy, I have seen a decline in pedestrian foot traffic from in our port of entry meaning folks from Agua Prieta consuming goods, we have seen a decline there and we have even see a decline in population because the dollar is so high some people are relocating back to Mexico," Uribe told KGUN9. 

"The people who cross daily from the United States to Mexico or Mexico to the United States they feel insecure. They feel a fear, and worry. they feel rejected. We have been working like brothers and sisters for many years and it is very clear when Douglas does well Agua Prieta does well," Rubalcava Gastelum told KGUN9.