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Black Friday more calm this year?

Posted at 7:15 PM, Nov 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-27 21:15:19-05

TUCSON (KGUN-TV)  - Black Friday has gotten a reputation for craziness- people pushing and shoving or fighting for the best deal- however incidents like this may be a thing of the past.

"The deals are so good that if you can tough it through the crowds, then it's totally worth it," said one shopper who was at Tucson Mall at 3 a.m.

But this year, not much crowd to tough it through.

"I don't think it's that crowded today. Well, not yet at least.  I feel like it's usually a lot more crowded," said another shopper.

While many people disagree with some stores now opening on Thanksgiving, the marketing manager for the Tucson Mall says that actually helps avoid the crazy Black Friday rush.

"What it does is it actually kind of fluctuates the traffic. So instead of, you know, the typical Black Friday opening at 6 a.m. where you have a mad rush of people you disperse that traffic over the two day period."

Another reason crowds may have been thinner this year is because online sales are up.  Sales Tracker Adobe estimates that more than one billion dollars was spent on Thursday.  That is up 22% from last year.

The National Retail Federation expects online shopping to dominate this year and the next.