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Bill Clinton speaks in support of Hillary

Posted at 8:30 PM, Mar 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-20 23:30:39-04

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Former President Bill Clinton took the stage for about 45 minutes at the rally today. He addressed a lot of issues including gun violence, immigration and police reform. 

"My argument for Hillary is simple. She, more than any other candidate, has offered specific solutions, and all these economists, including the most progressive economists in the country say she is the only candidate running for president whose numbers add up, she actually tells you what shes gonna do."
He called on Hillary Clinton's first-hand experience in the White House as a qualification in this year's election. 
"She's been a lifetime change maker. she's the best change maker I've ever known and in all of her positions in Washington, as first lady, as secretary of state, every single thing she did had the support of republicans and democrats. Now, I know they've been rough on her for the past four years but that's because they don't want to run against her."
The former commander-in-chief also addressed issues hitting close to home. 
"I know it's a hot button issue in Arizona, but she really, really believes that we need to have comprehensive immigration reform. She really believes we have to protect the dreamers."
He also dispelled the notion that democrats want to take away gun rights. 
"The supreme court says you have a right to keep and bare arms, I wouldn't mess with that anyway. You should be able to hunt, you should be able to sport shoot, you should be able to have a gun to protect your family. There's a lot of people in Arizona and/or Arkansas that live an hour away from the nearest law enforcement. Nobody wants to fool with that. But, it is crazy for our fellow citizens, to stop sensible background checks which would save lives, just cause they're disproportionately in the city, just cause they're disproportionately young, just cause they're disproportionately people of color, doesn't mean their lives don't need to be protected and saved."
Bill Clinton ended his speech by asking Tucsonans to go out and vote on Tuesday.