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BBB: Top scams of 2016

Posted at 7:03 PM, Dec 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-29 21:04:17-05
The Better Business Bureau released their top three scams of 2016. 
Susann Miller with the BBB of Tucson says Socially Engineered Malware, the Grandfather scam, and credit card skimmers were on the top of the list. 
Miller says, Socially Engineered Malware are the warning signs that pop up on your computer screen claiming there's a virus on your computer.
"This is something that people are getting multiple times a day. So it will hit you once and if you don't respond it will hit you again. And then you'll get a call," says Miller. 
To protect yourself, do not click on the box and if you can contact an IT person immediately. 
By clicking on the link,  hackers can get into your computer and they will be able to access all your information. 
Another top scam - the Grandparents scam. 
Scammers call family members claiming their loved ones have been arrested, mugged, hospitalized or in a car accident. 
Miller says, an example: "Your loved one is in Vegas. They got arrested and they need bail money. The caller claims they're calling on your loved ones behalf and will then say if you want to give me your credit card information I will set bail for them."
Miller says those targeted should: 
  • Resist from acting
  • Ask questions
  • Call your loved ones
  • Do not wire money
She went on to say that one victim lost nearly $60,000 because she never checked in with her family. 
The last scam is one that many people in Southern Arizona has been a victim of: Credit Card Skimmers. 
Financial institutions will reimburse your account, but it can be avoided. 
"Before you actually pump your gas and put in your credit card information look for the tag on the side of the pump where it opens up," says Miller.