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Apps that can make you smarter

Posted at 10:33 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 01:39:31-04

There are millions of apps are available for download on iPhones and Androids, but some that can make you smarter.

University of Arizona assistant professor Diana Daly teaches a class about social media and how it affects our lifestyle.

"One advantage of having apps that help improve your life if indeed that is what they do is it gives people confidence and gives people a sense of empowerment," Daly explained.

So we are breaking down apps that will help speech, vocabulary, language, and memory all for free. 

Orai helps improve speech content and delivery. From tongue twisters to an elevator pitch, the app allows users to record their voice, challenge their speech and time themselves. 

Duolingo can teach 13 languages with just the press of a button. The app lets users hear, see and practice writing languages.

"When you are trying to learn a language you are exchanging a lot of language information online you are translating the web," said Daly. "If you are an English speaker and you are doing that you are doing that in ways where you are learning some of the rope stuff just like you would learn in a book which is really effective." 

Elevate trains the brain through games and puzzles to help improve memory. After the end of the game, the app calculates the user's score and keeps track of progress. 

For those trying to enhance vocabulary, Magoosh's vocabulary builder should do the trick. The app will put up a word and users have to choose the best definition. When clicking on the word it gives an example of the word in a sentence.  

"The technological experience versus the face to face teaching experience that works better for some students than others," she said.

Although there may be an app for everything, Daly says to be critical when choosing one that best fits for you. 

"It is always good to approach them a little critically because for a very long time humans have been wanting to  accomplish certain things in our lives and it has always some product that is going to make that easier to do and  sometimes that can be helpful but many times you have to think about the other ways besides that product that I could improve my life," she said.

Daly advises app users to look carefully at app reviews and what it is offering before using it.