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Self defense class prepares women to fight for their life

Posted at 10:28 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-26 01:31:15-04

Do you know how to protect yourself if you got attacked? 

The Combat Krav Maga located at 3273 North Freeway Road - Unit 545 is a self-defense class teaches that women how to stay safe and protect themselves.  

Yonie Murray has been going to Female Friday's self defense class for a few weeks now and she says, it's important for women to know how to protect themselves especially at night. 

"We're not always with guys and sometimes you'll be in the store at 11 o' clock and someone can attack you and without knowing self defense all you can do is scream. But if you know you can react."

The class allows women to feel empowered, have strength and confidence. 

Owner of Combat Krav Maga, Jenna Herder says she began teaching the class because women have a better understanding of what we face on a daily basis. 

One tip is to know that anything can be a distraction to your attacker, including change, paper, shoes, keys and a cell phone. "Any object around you can be can be a weapon as long as you can be creative. Paper can be a distraction," says Herder.

The technique the class learned Friday night? Defending yourself if someone were to put you into a headlock and what to do to make sure the attacker is the one going down. 

Other weapons women can carry - a stick that can fit in your bag, a small baton, knuckle bracelets and big rings that hurt.