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ADOT to announce sign contest finalists Wednesday

Posted at 5:38 PM, Feb 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 14:28:46-05

Count it: another reason Arizona is getting international attention. This time it isn’t for the state’s natural beauty or something happening in politics but witty signs on state highways.

Since 2015, ADOT has used humor to reach drivers and remind them to buckle up, use their turn signals, and drive the speed limit.

The department got international attention after it debuted its first witty sign that read: “DRINKING & DRIVING GO TOGETHER LIKE PEAS & GUAC,” a reference to an eyebrow-raising New York Times article published a few months prior about a guacamole recipe that called for peas.

Since then ADOT has rolled out other funny messages and they've been a hit.

“The awareness level is increasing. People I talk with are talking about ‘Hey I like that sign or hey I was able to talk to my child about the importance of seatbelts and paying attention when I’m driving’ so it’s working,” explained Kevin Biesty, ADOT Deputy Director for Policy.

Nearly two years ago Biesty asked his staff to think of creative ways to reach drivers after attending a conference with transportation officials from other states and discussing the need to reduce fatal crashes.

Now the department times new messages with big events, such as the Super Bowl, or pop culture references, like the debut of a new Star Wars film.

The messages have been so well-received the department asked the public to submit their ideas for new messages. It will announced the finalists March 1, and the messages will appear in April.

CLICK HERE to go to the ADOT website and vote for your favorite signs.