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Active shooter drill held on campus at the University of Arizona

Posted at 10:16 PM, Aug 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-15 01:16:18-04

Gunfire, fast moving officers, a gunman on the loose: this was the experience on campus at the University of Arizona during an active shooter drill.

Janessa Limon and her father Tony came to watch.

Janessa is in sixth grade, a few years from college.

"Being around here is pretty cool, you have the football field, the softball fields and stuff."

She's hoping she'll be a Wildcat one day, she's already been told what college is like.

"They say it's pretty cool," she said.

"It's still school for them, learning what they're going to do when they grow up."

"It's awesome how we're prepared for this kind of stuff, the drills," said U of A senior, Greta Villicaña, "but it's also really sad how bad society has come to where schools, university's are preparing for these kinds of drills"

Villicaña welcomes new students to campus and introduces them to a new experience at the U of A.

"We have a lot international students that come from all around the world and it's kind of like sad how they have to come to this and they have to experience this today."

Villicaña added, "if i was an international student i would be like concerned like why are we doing this? Is this going to happen?"

Volunteers played victims, first responders exercised their decision making muscle, all of it an act but readiness for any situation if it were to ever actually happen.

Tony, who actually works on campus, is ok with the drill, he says for him it's reassuring.

"Its needs to happen, it's happening everywhere, everybody has to prepare for it, you never know," Limon said.

"I'd like to see it happen a lot more to tell you the truth."