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91st Tucson Rodeo wraps up

Posted at 11:26 PM, Feb 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 08:37:20-05

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The 91st Tucson Rodeo wrapped up competition Sunday with its final day of pro-rodeo competition.

After a week of festivities and rodeo, a select group of competitors was left standing on the final day to perform in front of a sold out crowd. Pro-rodeo competition began with bareback riding.

Orin Larsen, a Canadian rider, took home the day prize and won the overall bareback riding competition. Nine On Your Side asked what he will do after the rodeo with his winnings.

"I have to go home and meet with the banks, I just bought a house so all this money is going to be gone pretty quickly," said Larsen.

There were a few local competitors that made it to the final day of competition. Damian Padilla is a steer wrestler from Rio Rico. He has competed for the past 18 years, hoping to get his first win in Tucson.

"It's just close to home, everyone knows you're here, you just want to do good," said Padilla. He eventually finished in third.

Between the competition, rodeo clowns entertained the arena. A young boy with a painted face was picked from the crowd and showed of his dance moves in front of the 11,000 people in attendance.

Women took over the area with barrel racing. Mary Walker, a rider from Prescott,  took home the best time on the final day and won the overall barrel racing competition.

Bull riders were the final group to perform in this year's rodeo.

A scary moment after one bull ride left the crowds screaming when the bull kept going. A cowboy on top of a horse in the ring tried to contain the bull, but it head-butted the horse, knocking it on its side and the cowboy was thrown off. The horse and the cowboy were able to get up and are ok.

Walker Greynolds was the only rider to last eight seconds on the final day and won the overall bull-riding competition. For his celebration, he is literally riding off into the sunset.

"A 12 hours drive home, maybe a steak dinner along the way," said Greynolds.