"Happy Babies" program allows court employees to bring babies to work

TUCSON, Ariz. - A new state program adopted by the Arizona Court allows parents to bring their babies up to six-months-old to work. 

Right now at the Arizona Court of Appeals Street has Nickolas, Olivia, and Zoey spending their days at the courthouse on Congress Street in Downtown Tucson as part of the "Happy Babies" program.

The three of them are four-months-old, and they represent the inaugural class of this new state program. Parents, staff, and judges all deem the program a huge success because having babies on board reduces the stress level not just of their parents, but of all employees. Parents also say they no longer worry about putting their child in daycare, or having someone at home to care for them, because they're right by their side at work. 


“Having babies around does something to people’s blood pressure – it comes way down,” said Chief Staff Attorney Beth Beckmann, a 29-year veteran of the court.  “We know the babies and they know us and we all feel invested in them.  The bonding the program has created among all of us has been extraordinary.”



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