Need help getting that refund?

These consumers fought back and won!
Posted at 6:43 AM, Aug 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-14 09:43:01-04

Getting back money you've already paid can be a hassle. It's what the Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer team helps Arizonans do every day!

Viewer Marcel let me know he asked the car wash to turn off the top brush to prevent damage to his truck.

They didn't.

Now he says a piece of his roof was ripped off, and the business refused to pay for it.

When Marcel let me know, our problem solvers went to work.

Madina took on this case, tracked down the owner, and explained what happened. Two weeks later, the car wash handed Marcel a $100 check toward the fix.


For two months, viewer Jerry had been trying to return a washer and stove.

He let me know the worker that needed to handle it was "never available" when he called.

Jerry was worried he'd been scammed.

So he let me know.

Problem-solver Jo Ann was all over it.

She made call after call, even getting hung up on, before finding the right person to investigate.

One month later, Jerry got the full $1,202 refund.


Viewer Jonel had a problem with $300 in water bills for her rental home.

She says there were leaks in the toilet and the pool.

The landlord took care of the issues eventually, but Jonel wanted some of that money back!

So she let me know, and volunteer Coleen knew just what to do.

Coleen got in touch with the property management company and soon, Jonel got a $500 credit toward her rent.

These are examples of some of the great work our volunteers do every day.

And they can help you too!