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Retaliation Claims: Show of Solidarity for Pima County Sheriff's deputies

Posted at 8:00 PM, Oct 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 14:56:57-04
A show of solidarity by law enforcement unions a day after our probe into possible misuse of RICO money and obstruction of justice by Pima County Sheriff's senior command.
Sgt. Kevin Kubitskey is the union president of Pima County Sheriff's Association and also represented at the event the Pima County Correctional Officers Association.
Kubitskey was the first whistleblower in the FBI investigation and he said there are others. "I can tell you at least a dozen, at least a dozen, usually because they've partially gone through me," he said.
Former U.S. Surgeon General and PCSD deputy chief, Dr. Richard Carmona, who also spoke to the FBI, discussed the ongoing FBI investigation and alleged retaliation.
"You can see they took off their uniforms and put on their union clothes and showed up even though retribution or harm could come to them. They can't cause retribution or intimidation against all of us."
Kubiskey stood next to deputies who have come forward to show their support. He says he wants the public to ask deputies and staff questions about what's happening inside the PCSD.
He said, "So I beg you to take time to talk to individuals. We're not allowed to talk to you while on duty. We'll be happy to share with you our feelings our sentiments about what's going on. The men and women who are behind us they're the bravest we have in the department. Without a doubt can tell you we have tons that want to be here, but they're too afraid to show up because they feel the retaliation would be too great."
And in a show of support by their brothers in arms, members of the Tucson Police Officers Association stood by their side.
"Been working with Kevin for many months now and again, on behalf of the Tucson Police Officers Association we're here to give you any assistance you need and we'll be here for our brothers and sister in the Sheriff's department," said Roland Gutierrez, Tucson Police Association President.