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Alleged grade changing at Pueblo High School

Sources claim that administrator changed grades
Posted at 7:03 PM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-02 22:58:24-04

A startling revelation claims that some seniors who graduated from Pueblo High School in May shouldn't have. 

Highly credible sources tell KGUN9 that an administrator changed the grades of students without teachers' consent, a violation of Arizona law.

On May 26, 246 seniors received their diplomas from Pueblo High School, but insiders claim the number should not have been that high. 

A source tells us that an administrator changed at least 4 grades in the core subject from F's to D's allowing those senior to graduate.

KGUN obtained documents that back up that claim.

Because of the sources' extreme fear of district retaliation, we are very limited in what we can reveal.

But for example, there is a document that shows a teacher posting a final grade of an F. A Grade Verification document submitted May 20th shows the grade is still an F.

But on May 28th, the day of graduation, the Class Grade Posting shows the student who received F's all throughout the semester received a "D."

The sources say the grade changed without the teachers consent, a violation of Arizona statute Title 15. 

The statute clearly states teachers are solely responsible for passing or failing students at a high school level and only a Governing Board can overturn a grade.

It is also clearly stated in TUSD District policy, "The authority for determining progress/achievement, assigning grades, and granting or withholding credit for individual courses shall rest with the teacher of the student."

Sources believe about a few dozen students should not have graduated and tell KGUN9 they want an investigation. 

We reached out to TUSD and they said they are aware of the claims of grade changing and provided documents to us.

In those documents, Principal Auggie Romero denies that he asked any teachers to change grades, but that is separate from the claims that an administrator changed the grades themselves.