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Field geologist missing for 3 weeks after leaving remote job site in Arizona desert

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Posted at 9:32 AM, Jul 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-16 12:55:02-04

BUCKEYE, AZ — A field geologist has now been missing for three weeks after leaving a remote job site in the Arizona desert.

Daniel Robinson, 24, was last seen on June 23 leaving a job in the desert area west of Sun Valley Parkway just north of Cactus Road in Buckeye.

According to the latest news release by Buckeye police, Robinson had not told anyone where he was going or why he was leaving and has not been seen since.

The field geologist was working in the desert landscape testing groundwater for the company he worked for.

According to Buckeye police, this is what they know:

  • He was last seen driving his 2017 Jeep Renegade, heading west, further into the desert area.
  • Officers contacted numerous friends and family to gather information about Daniel and where he may have gone.
  • A ping was established on his phone line but no location data was available due to the phone being off or out of range. Detectives obtained limited call detail records and it did not appear that Daniel made any calls or texts after leaving the site.
  • Detectives learned from family, friends and co-workers that Daniel’s behavior in the days prior was not like himself at times but there is no indication that he wished to harm himself or leave the area.
  • Phoenix Firebird assisted BPD with a thorough area search in the days immediately after his disappearance but did not locate him or his vehicle.
  • BPD patrol officers and Detectives equipped with 4x4 vehicles searched the area for several hours on multiple days.
  • Hospitals in the valley have been checked and he was placed in the national system as missing which would alert any law enforcement if his name or vehicle was run through it.
  • BPD Detectives along with Daniel’s family worked to obtain phone and financial information but did not locate any information which would aid in locating him.
  • Daniel’s information has been disseminated all over the country to include local law enforcement, Arizona Game and Fish and the Bureau of Land Management.
  • Detectives placed flyers on many of the gate entrances to the desert area off of Sun

Valley parkway and contacted officials at Buckeye Airport to share the information with pilots who may be in the area.

Robinson’s father, David Robinson, has traveled 2,000 miles from South Carolina to search for his son

David tells ABC15 there has been no phone activity, nor bank activity since before Robinson went missing.“I ask God every day let him be safe, let me find him, I pray about that every morning, every night,” said his father.

David, a former Army soldier, is working to hire a private investigator and hopes to start ground searches with volunteers in the coming days.

David said he will work with Buckeye police detectives to make sure the searches are conducted in proper areas.

According to Buckeye police, officials have conducted air searches and ground searches with no evidence of Robinson.

David Robinson, has created his own website to help find son, including photos and ways to contact him directly with information.

Along with a website, David is using a GoFundMe to help raise funds to search for his son, stay in Arizona to search and to hire a P.I.As of Thursday, over $15,000 has been raised to help find Robinson.

“I’m not leaving,” said David, “I’m not leaving until I find my son.”

Buckeye police officials tell ABC15 foul play is not suspected, and that they've exhausted all their leads at this time.

If you have any information on Robinson, or his whereabouts contact Buckeye Police at 623-349-6400.