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Tucson program prepares students for career in electrical field

Tucson Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program
Posted at 7:00 AM, Jul 14, 2021

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Michael Reinert wanted to try something new.

"I was looking for a new career. My previous career didn't end up panning out," said Reinert.

He later found the Tucson Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program (JATC). Reinert said it's a perfect fit.

"I like the idea of on-the-job training. It makes it more effective for me. I feel like I'm learning a lot more," said Reinert.

In August, Tucson Electrical JATC will welcome 39 new students. The program prepares ambitious Tucsonans for a career as a journeyman or wireman. Two nights a week, for three hours, the students attend class on campus. During the day, they're out in the field, getting on-the-job experience, as paid apprentices.

"Our average age of a first-year apprentice is 28. A lot of times they've gotten out of high school, they've tried the college route and they're more hands-on. They want to be out in the field," said Tucson Electrical JATC Training Director, Karen King.

Instructor, Joshua Despain, helps guide students through the four-year program. He's the man for the job because he was in their shoes years ago.

"To give back to the students and to give back to the apprenticeship and the union is the most exciting thing I come to after work. I get to prep for school and prep my lesson plans," said Despain.

The program is tuition-free, minus the cost of books. Students can focus on building a future without significant debt.

"If you want to have a good paying, rewarding, stable job and get the best training in Tucson, the Tucson Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program is it," said Despain.

To apply for Tucson Electrical JATC, click here.