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The Learning Match connects parents struggling to teach kids with educators

Posted at 2:56 PM, Dec 03, 2020

There’s a new resource for parents who’ve found themselves struggling to teach their children while maintaining a job.

“We're stepping into this role that we have no experience,” said Amy Lundy, co-founder of The Learning Match. “And as far as education is concerned, they're teaching subjects in a way that we didn't even learn them as children.”

Lundy found herself trying to juggle schooling three children from home and keeping her business running through the pandemic. Quickly, she started looking for help with the schooling aspect.

“I realized this is a service I needed in my own family. What I was finding was I was connecting with a lot of teachers that friends were using. Their schedules were very filled. I couldn't get them when I needed them. I was going on a Facebook groups. I was having a very hard time navigating and finding people that fit the qualifications,” said Lundy.

That's how was born. It's a website that's like a matchmaking service. It connects people studying education or retired teachers, really anyone with an educational background, to families that need help.

The educator may just be there for accountability to make sure the child is doing and understanding assignments. Or they could play a more involved role.

“And then there's more sort of part-time or full-time experiences where this person is coming inside your home or is on the computer several hours a day, or all day with your child, fulfilling those requirements that you have based on what your child's grade is,” said Lundy.

Its free to sign up on The Learning Match. The site leaves it to families and the educators to work out how involved and how much their services will cost.