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Curbing COVID-19 cases at UArizona Frat and Sorority Houses on campus

Posted at 8:15 PM, Aug 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-31 01:46:00-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — "They do have to follow the mandate that the University policy has when they are on campus."

Marcos Guzman is the Assistant Dean of Students at the University of Arizona and the authority on all matters concerning fraternities and sororities.

He said the organizations with houses on the University's grounds abide by the same rules as everyone on campus.

"It is expected for them to follow that versus a student that may be living several blocks away."

Of the 51 Greek organizations at UArizona, 26 have houses on campus grounds and it's those groups that have to abide by on-campus rules like wearing a mask.

"One of the benefits of having a recognized facility with our office is they get the privilege to host social events."

Think parties and other gatherings they'd have during a typical semester.

"When COVID-19 hit we knew that we had to make an adjustment to our policy."

Guzman said the current process to host a party or other social event at a frat or sorority house involves a registry.

"We don't approve or disapprove of those events; we simply register them as a notification process."

That's where the University said it's stopping gathering and parties at frat and sorority houses on campus: by simply not allowing that first part of the process to happen.

"We were not taking any registrations for social events for this semester."

Guzman said fraternities or sororities, located on campus, that host a party at their house could be subject to punishment by the university or their fellow students.

"If a group decides to try to have a social event at the property that would in violation of our policy and they would be held accountable through our Dean of Students Office or our 'Greek Standards Board.'