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Phoenix man robs Subway, beats a homeowner and injures a police dog

Posted at 2:04 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 17:45:56-04

A man is accused of robbing a sandwich shop and then later kidnaps four children, beating the father with a baseball bat.

Court records show the man, after robbing a Subway store, went to a home where he kidnapped four children, beating the father with a bat, then after leaving the home was confronted by police where he dragged a police dog with a car.

Police report that on June 16, Malik Alsaedi, 25, entered Subway near 35th and Northern avenues and asked for a piece of paper.

On that paper, Alsaedi demanded the clerk to give him money or he would kill her. Alsaedi simulated a gun under his shirt and then jumped over the counter to get the money himself. Another clerk tried to stop him but he struck her on the hands. Alsaedi fled the store when the manager appeared.

Alsaedi reportedly, went into the neighborhood checking house doors for an open one. When he found one, he entered the home, which had four children inside ages 6, 12, and two 14 year olds.

He ordered the kids to sit together in the living room. Alsaedi then allegedly changed clothes and when the children's father came home Alsaedi waited for him by the door, striking him over the head with a baseball bat. 

As he chased the father in the front yard, the father's keys to his car fell out and Alsaedi stopped, grabbed them the left in the car.

Police were already the area responding to the robbery of the Subway when they heard the commotion at the house. They approached Alsaedi who sped away into a culd-a-sac. He turned the car around and stopped but refused to exit the car.

A police dog was sent in to get Alsaedi out of the car. The dog grabbed Alsaedi by the arm but Alsaedi sped away dragging the dog over 200 feet.

Alsaedi crashed the car into a parked vehicle and ran away but was soon caught by police. 

The police dog was taken to an emergency clinic to be treated for his injuries.

Alsaedi was interviewed by police where he admitted to his crimes and also admitted to an armed robbery last month of the El Pollo Loco near 24th and Northern avenues.

Alsaedi is facing charges of armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault and harming a service animal.