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PD: Armed man impersonating a police officer pulls car over in Scottsdale

Posted at 8:56 AM, Jan 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-26 10:55:59-05

An armed man impersonating a police officer pulled a car over in Scottsdale last week, police say.

According to Scottsdale police, they were contacted by people in a vehicle asking why they were being pulled over by an armed man claiming to be a police officer.

The group had left the Persian Room, a restaurant near Scottsdale and Bell roads, when they were followed by 31-year-old Lyle Cameron Pataky, who was parked in a car next to theirs.

As the group drove North on Scottsdale Road, Pataky allegedly flashed his lights and ordered the group to roll down their windows, stating he was an undercover officer.

The passenger noticed Pataky was armed with a handgun as he yelled at them to pull over, once again claiming he was a police officer.

One passenger contacted police as the car pulled over.

Pataky reportedly exited his truck armed with a handgun and claimed the victims keyed his truck.

When one victim requested to see his badge, Pataky fled.

The incident was allegedly recorded by another passenger in the car, allowing the victims to capture Pataky’s license plate.

Police located and arrested Pataky back at the Persian Room.

Pataky has been charged with impersonating a peace officer and several counts of aggravated assault.