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Don't Be a Victim: Road Rage Ride-Along

Posted at 6:18 PM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 21:30:02-04
When drivers hop behind the wheel of their car, most are usually mentally preparing for work, school - whatever the day may bring them. But, are those on the road prepared for a fight? 
As part of KGUN's "Don't Be A Victim" special reporting, we rode-along with the Pima County Sheriff's Department while they scout for drivers taking things too far. 
"It's kind of shocking.. that people are getting into that mode," Deputy Ryan Roher said.
Many drivers sharing the roadways are not willing to let mistakes zoom past them. 
"We're a prideful people in general," Deputy Roher said. "So, we don't want to let something go like that."
But, Deputy Roher does not hit the streets in Pima County looking for intense or wild scenes that often end up going viral on social media. Instead, he looks for what he says - gets the wheels rolling in most road rage incidents: speed. 
During KGUN9's ride-along, Deputy Roher stopped a handful of cars, a majority, for putting the pedal to the metal. 
"I don't see it as an intentional thing," Deputy Roher explained. "They just get into that mode of 'Oh no, I'm late,' you know, 'I can't miss work again,' 'I can't be late again' and pretty soon... they've got some consequences because of that."
Deputy Roher said patience and planning go a long way in making sure drivers are not acting aggressive. And if one becomes a victim themselves, Deputy Roher suggests immediately pulling over. 
"Let them get around you. Let them go and that immediately avoids the conflict," Deputy Roher said. 
Also, do not make contact in any way with the other driver, whether it be a look, a hand-signal or actually talking. 
Instead take the high road with your foot off the gas.