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UArizona medical students create Spanish COVID-19 awareness posters

Posted at 5:27 PM, May 17, 2020

TUCSON, Ariz. - A group of medical students at the University of Arizona created Spanish COVID-19 awareness posters for different grocery stores throughout Tucson.

“We were seeing messaging but it was mainly all in English," said Cazandra Zaragoza.

Zaragosa was one of the students, who recently graduated, who came up with the idea of creating the Spanish posters and distributing them to stores where Latinos typically may shop.

“When you go to the southside and you see like Food City and Walmart and and things like that, El Herradero - there’s no messaging and if there is, it’s in English," said Zaragoza.

The posters were put inside of stores like Food City, Cardenas Market, and El Herradero.

Arturo Martinez, another student who was part of the project told KGUN9 one of the many reasons they decided to take this project on was because of their personal experiences.

“Our families come from Latino backgrounds and we know this information because we’re all in the medical field but it’s something that we noticed is not out there for them," he said.

Martinez added he and a few others made the calls to these stores to get the posters inside of them.

“From my experience everyone had already heard about the posters and knew that the posters were coming," he said.

He said store owners and managers were all happy to display the posters and hoped they'd help spread awareness.

The posters encourage social distancing, hand washing, and even wearing face masks.

Zaragosa and Martinez said they're working on getting the posters into even more businesses and stores Latino shoppers frequent.