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Local pediatrician advocates for having children two and older wear masks

Gives tips for parents on getting your child to wear one
Posted at 7:14 AM, Jun 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-26 10:18:56-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — Local pediatrician supports new county and citywide mandates require everyone to wear masks, even some kids as young as two years old.

Dr. Sandy Herron, a pediatrician with Tanque Verde Pediatrics, said following these new guidelines will help parents keep their child safe.

She said research shows the spread of COVID-19 is more common among adult, kids can still spread the virus.

"Our recommendation are the same as the American pediatrics is that all children when in public spaces have a mask on if they are two or older," Dr. Herron said.

She said she understands getting young kids to wear a mask may not be easy, so to help the process, she recommends the following:

  • Getting a mask that properly fits your child
  • Wear a mask when around the child to set a good example
  • Do daily activities in a mask to normalize the behavior.

"When you look at countries that use masks versus countries that don’t; when you look at small groups and large groups, the consensus is now that masks save lives, they save number of infections and they save the number of deaths," Dr. Herron said. "Our recommendations always follow science."

Dr.Herron said when it comes to getting back to school, research shows children under the age of ten are less likely to transmit illnesses like COVID-19.

"So, having them in school without mask, might be a reasonable option," Dr. Herron said. "As long as staff, and anyone who is immune compromised wears there mask."

While she said this could be an option, parents should follow all guidelines set by the school districts when classes resume.

Dr.Herron said she tells all her patients, she would never recommend something she doesn't practice with her own kids.