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Chasing the American dream without having to cross the border

Posted at 3:28 PM, Sep 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-22 18:29:35-04

For many Mexican workers, the prospect of a better life rests in the northern region of the country. More often than not, border towns come with better wages and better access to education. 

Agriculture companies also live on both sides of the border. One of them is Wholesum Farms, they own and operate one plant in Nogales, AZ and two in Mexico. 

One hour after crossing the border is the town of Imuris, Sonora, where Wholesum Farms produces their products that get sent to the United States. 

The farming company pays its workers to help with moving costs and also provides housing for them and their families. 

The space is not big, and the people who live in the company's housing say it gets the job done for what they need. 

Eva Elena Diaz Soriano and her family moved over 1,500 miles from her home in Oaxaca to work with Wholesum Farms.

She says they decided to move after her cousin began to tell her about the opportunities within the company and how they also provide scholarships for the children of workers to go to school. 

Soriano spends most of her days working inside of a greenhouse, riding a mechanical ladder and disinfecting the plants from bugs by shaking them and making them stick onto a yellow board. She says her arms and hands hurt from all the shaking, but she does it to support her family since she is a single mother. 

For Silvia Flores Paulino, her story is different. She has a husband who also works for the company, which means more income. 

Paulino says her eldest son is about to graduate high school and with the help of the company, her son will be going to college to study engineering with the financial help of Wholesum. 

Both of these women say they did not have many opportunities to obtain an education. They want to be able to provide the best they can to make sure their children have a better life than they did. 

They both are chasing the American dream without having to cross the border. 


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