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TUSD starts classes Monday

Remote learning gets underway on Monday
Posted at 7:08 PM, Aug 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-10 09:30:28-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — The first day of school starts Monday for our region's largest school district. That's nearly 44,000 students in TUSD.

So what can they expect when they log onto their computers first thing in the morning?

The day starts with a simple clever opening -- That is the program, Clever, used by all the schools in the district.

Principal Tonya Strozier explains what student and parents will do -- day one.

"The simplest way to is to go to the TUSD website and click on the image "Learn from Home" and there are a ton of options there and all they really want to do is look for the one that says Clever. It's a C and if they click into Clever they can use their district log-in and they'll be right there at their teacher's page. It'll have different links for them and they'll be able to get to their teachers right there,"

Once in, students schedules will be shown so they know when to sync 'live' with their teacher and classmates.

"So they have to follow their schedule to know what times they'll need to log-in. Once they get in, their teachers ZOOM room with be open, just like this and they'll see their classmates and they'll start learning," said Strozier.

Students will then be given time to practice the skills on their own. "Learning through different software that we have or different activities that the teacher has explained to them," she said. "We also have a software for our math Eureka that allows our kids to do their math online and the teacher will be able to see it."

She said students will be given breaks in between.

"Each school kind of developed an approach to this, but all of us consistently have time on time off because we have to give people breaks," she said.

Students will then be given time to practice the skills on their own.

Strozier said the first two weeks teachers will be helping students acclimate to remote learning. And then they'll take the deep dive into the curriculum.