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Love That, Watch This: 5 TV Series You Should Binge On

Posted at 1:45 PM, Aug 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-14 15:14:21-04

Are you having withdrawals from your favorite TV series? Our "Stream Queen" has five series to help get your fix!


1. Stranger Things 

If you're missing Twin Peaks, stop what you're doing and watch Stranger Things. This Netflix original drama is set in the '80s and combines drama, horror, science fiction and suspense. 

2. Vikings

If you love Game of Thrones you need to watch the History Channel original series, Vikings. The writing and acting are near perfect. Like GOT, every season builds on the last and gets better. The writers have no issues killing off fan favorites or shocking the audience with scenes that will stay with you for days. Seasons one through four are available on Hulu

3. Love

If you love HBO's Girls try Netflix's original series, Love. These two series have one thing in common- a cast of characters you love to hate. Although you hate to admit it, you can completely relate.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you love The Office, try watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu. This sitcom stars a winning cast of quirky characters including Andy Samberg and Terry Crews who work in the fictional Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct.  Much like The Office, their dysfunctional relationships and office mischief keep you entertained and earned the series a handful of awards including a Golden Globe for Best Television Series.

5. The Affair

If you're missing Mad Men, you need to be watching Showtime's The Affair. The similarities between the two series- they both star brooding male leads who don’t quite have their act together, yet we desperately want them to succeed. They both dive deep into complex relationships and leave you wanting to see what happens next. The show is available to buy on Hulu and Amazon.

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