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Unlock the perfect summer with Booking.com

Posted at 1:25 PM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 16:25:53-04

Some of Amy’s tips include:

Get organized: Planning a fun and successful trip means, setting a budget, researching, and booking early! Shop around to find transportation and accommodations that suit your needs and your budget.

Be prepared: An emergency can rack up that credit card bill or wipe out your savings. Always invest in a travel insurance plan.

Hit the Road: If you’re driving to your summer destination, make sure you give your tires a thorough check-up. Make sure they aren’t worn out and check the tire pressure before you hit the open road.

Super Snack It: Fill a medium-sized acrylic see-through box with approximately 10-12 adjustable sections and fill with fun bite-sized snacks-- like grapes, crackers, snack mix, or pretzels. Makes for fun noshing!

Travel Bingo: DIY your own travel bingo cards personalized for road travel, air travel or for the destination/sites you are seeing. Laminate so they can be used multiple times with washable markers.

Be Prepared: Pack an entire outfit of ultra-light clothing for each child: undergarments, shirt, pants in a sealable plastic bag. Make sure this is easily reachable in your carry-on bag in the event of a spill.