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The most heart breaking Bachelorette finale EVER

Posted at 1:27 PM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 16:27:01-04

Bachelorette Finale week 10 – “I love you….goodbye”

For the finale, we go to the Maldives! Wow, it looks beautiful there!

Becca starts off by seeing her family and telling them she has 2 great guys! She is looking for her family’s input and advice on who they think she should pick.

First up is Garrett. Becca’s uncle grills him a bit about his 2-month marriage he had and what he learned from that and what he would do differently going forward. He also spends time with her sister, who is very close to Becca and he tells her that he has so many reasons why he fell in love with her. He said he would always put Becca first and be there to protect her and value her every day. He breaks down with her sister talking about how much she means to him. She tells Becca that Garrett is fabulous, and she feels like she had known him for years when they first sat down! The family really likes him.

The next day is Blake’s turn. As he talks to her sister, he said he is attracted to strong, independent women and Becca is one of the strongest women he’s ever met. He feels like they work really well together, and her sister thinks that Blake would challenge Becca a lot. But then the questions from the family turn towards asking about Garrett and if there are any red flags that he’s seen. And that someone is going to get hurt at the end and that he will be ok. I would start to question stuff too if I were him. Blake has a gut feeling and can tell something is off and feels like she’s going to pick Garrett.

After the family met both guys, Becca’s mom said that when Blake walked in with her, it felt like he was her equal but worries that Garrett would be more of a risk for her. They want to make sure he will be able to walk stride for stride with her. Becca had thought for the longest time it was Blake but that with Garrett had come on strong a bit later. Hmmmmmmm

She has her last date with Garrett and they go on a boat around the island and a school of dolphins’ swim up next to the boat. That was pretty cool! Garrett doesn’t feel nervous and doesn’t see life without her. At his place that night, she asks him if he has any questions or concerns and he said no, he is completely confident, and he would choose her every, single time.

Then it’s Blake’s final date. They explore the island on bikes then play in the water. She mentions to him how similar the 2 of them are and that the last week or so has been really hard and she’s been in her head a lot. He asks her to get out of her head today, so they can live in the moment and enjoy the day together. Later at his place, he presents her with a showdown box time capsule of their time together, it was really cute. After she leaves, she talks about having clarity but not sure if that means Blake or Garrett.

Both guys get rings to propose to Becca with but Blake is the first one to come to meet her so we know she is sending him home. My heart sunk cause I really wanted it to be him! Then, this is what I don’t like about this show. He pours his heart out to her and just about says “will you marry me” before Becca says to give her a minute and she crushes his heart! I couldn’t watch, it was too hard! He didn’t expect it and doesn’t think anyone could have what they have. His last words to her are “I love you, goodbye” OMG!! And he is devastated!! Is just crying and crying saying he has to go through this alone, Heartbreaking to watch.

They switch back to the studio with the live audience and Chris Harrison is there with Blake, who just watching it back. OMG, more torture! Chris asks Blake if he’s still in love with Becca and he said that’s a tough question and he really did love her and she will always have a special place in his heart and life because he has changed because of this experience, for the good. He has no ill-will towards her because he just wants her to be happy and she went with her heart.

When they come back from break, Becca comes out. AWKWARD! He said he won’t let this keep him down and she knows he will find his person. He said he will love again. I’m thinking he just shot up to the top of the next Bachelor list! Sorry Jason.

Then we go back and watch Garrett come to Becca and she finally gets to say I love you to him and he is just soooooo happy and he gets down on 1 knee and proposes to her. They seem so happy and smitten with each other.

Back at the studio, they finally come out as a couple in public for the 1st time. They talk about how they have grown even closer and Blake addresses the controversy about some social media posts and likes he had done a few years ago that were associated with racism against a number of different groups, people. Sounds like it was a rough time with Becca because of that but he addressed it head on, apologized for hurting anyone and is learning from his past mistakes. Becca admires that he dealt with it head on and together. I think he regrets it more because it upset Becca.

The next step is they are going to move in together. He will spent time with her in Minnesota first then she will spend time in Reno. Chris Harrison then gives them an all-inclusive paid trip back Thailand, where they really fell in love.

And today, Bachelor in Paradise starts! Que the tears! So it looks like we’ll have to wait to see who the next Bachelor is…..I’d be happy with either Jason or Blake but Blake would be my pick. Until then…..will you accept this rose?

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