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The Bachelorette Recap – Let's talk about sex baby!

Posted at 12:29 PM, Jun 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-07 16:47:34-04

I start this with one of the best lines yet from the recent episode of the Bachelorette! The house is a total mess and this includes as one guy says, “Chad’s leftover meat plate! HA! See, my #meathead really works! And so does #douchebag! 

Enough about Chad….for now! First, let’s see who’s going on one of 2 one on one dates! Chase, who is pretty dang good looking gets the date! And what a date it was! They go to a yoga studio and first question the instructor asked how long they have been intimate?? And Jojo was like, we’ve known each other a week! Well it turns out, this was a “tantric” yoga class! They start out having to make “grunting noises” and vibrate everything out and have an “angry orgasm. Uh ok!  Then they got to do the “Yep Yam” a yoga position where Jojo says, it’s the “first time I’ve mounted a guy on a first date! HEHE!

Needless to say, that was pretty hot and steamy and they start kissing and the sparks fly.  Later at dinner, Chase opens up and more and here’s no surprise, he gets a rose! Then they get a private concert with the Charlies Kelly band.  Must be nice!

Back at the house, the next date card arrives and it’s for a group date! And after all the names are read, including Chad’s, he announces that he doesn’t even want to go cause he’d rather wait till he gets a one on one with Jojo. Jordon calls him out on it and he goes on the defense right away ripping on him, then going after Evan and the rest of the guys. And Alex and Chad talk about taking it outside but nothing happens….yet! I swear there is more drama in that house with guys than girls!

The guys meet JoJo at a theater and a women gets up on stage and basically started making loud moans like she’s having an orgasm.  She said she was and they are welcomed to the show “Sex talk”.  So the guys are basically going to have to reveal a sex story to tell to the live audience.  Most of them want to get people to laugh at their stories! One of them says to the camera, “Mom, you need to turn off the TV NOW and not turn it back on EVER! HA! Of course, the guy with no sense of humor, #meathead Chad doesn’t want to participate even if it’s all in fun!

The guys are good and most of them are pretty funny! Though when Evan gets up there he talks about him running an erectile dysfunction clinic and about how some of the guys in the house are all about the muscles but you gotta be careful of using steroids and “roid rage”, basically saying that Chad uses steroids. Wonder how that will play out?? Next up is Chad and as Evan goes past him in the row, Chad reaches back and pulls on Evan’s shirt and rips it! Chad of course says that was because Evan pushed him. RIGGGHHTTT!

Chad gets up on stage and calls Jojo up on stage and says the guys in the house have no idea what’s going on between them but we do and goes in for a big kiss but Jojo quickly turns her head so he kisses her cheek! BBBUUURRRRNNNN!! 

They all go off stage and Chad punches the stage door pretty hard as he walks by it.  Then goes right up to Evan and says “you’re gonna f’ing die”.  Alrighty then but you don’t have any type of anger issues!

Then it’s Daniel of all people, Chad’s only friend that tries to calm the situation down and tells Chad to basically chill and gave Evan props for having fun and it doesn’t need to get physical! Wow Daniel, impressive!

As Chad walks away he say “if I can’t lift weights, I’m gonna murder someone”! I have no words…..

On to the cocktail party and shocker, Chad once again tries to interrupt Jojo and one of the guys.  But to their credit, they told Chad to give them some time to talk.  So he just goes right around the corner and starts to whistle and look at his watch the whole time and says that all the guys in the house are losers!

Chad then gets some alone time with Jojo and she asked what happened earlier. He says that Evan pushed him and that the guys are picking on him.  Which I do agree that the guys are a tad obsessed with him but he doesn’t help the situation with what he says and he’s actions!

Evan then interrupts them and tells Jojo that Chad has 2 different personalities, one side with her and another in the house.  He said he wants a future with her but if Chad stays around, he will have to leave, basically giving Jojo an ultimative! Well, those usually don’t go well and Jojo isn’t ready to choose yet. She goes back to the guys and takes the rose and says she needs to talk to Evan before she gives the rose out.  They talk and she said she really can’t make that decision yet but really likes him and wants to give him the rose if he will accept it, which of course he does! I was sooooo surprised by that but it was a classy move on Jojo’s part. When they come back in, Chad is floored to see him with the rose. He says out loud, “is this real? Are you serious”.  Jojo calls him out that he’s being very disrespectful and she doesn’t like this side of him.  She gets up and leaves. 

Now back at the house, everyone feels like he’s gonna snap and you see security guards walking around the house.  WTF?

Jojo has one more date and she picks James Taylor, the singer songwriter to join her for a one on one.  She wants to see if there is something more than just friendship there.

They dress like they are back in time and get to learn how to swing dance. James admits he’s not a great dancer but he is just going to be himself.  He’s sooooo sweet, just love him! They have a blast dancing and that night end up “parking” overlooking L.A. He talks about how he was picked on as a kid and still carries that with him so he needs some self-confidence.  She tells him how awesome he is and gives him the rose.  Then he brings out his guitar and sings her a song he wrote for her. And that just sealed the deal! They start making out and he’s no longer in the “friends zone”! Way to go James, you are fast becoming one of my favorites!

At the house, it’s Daniel again trying to reason with Chad and that the guys think he’s out of control and Daniel is getting dragged down with him and he should take it down a notch. Again, you’ve impressed me Daniel.

The day of the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison comes in and tell them that Jojo doesn’t want a cocktail party but does want to hang out all day with the guys! As Chris leaves, Evan goes out after him and basically tattletales about what’s been going on with Chad.  So Chris comes back in to talk to Chad about the issues that have been brought up.  Chris tells him he needs to find a way to approach the situation calmly and fix it.  As Chad walks away, you can see the blood boiling and he is mumbling about cutting off the guys legs and throwing their torsos in the pool! WOW! That is twice tonight he’s talked about murder. Where do they find these guys???

What happens next?  TO BE CONTINUED! Well played Bachelorette, well played! Part 2 is tonight!

I will leave you with this piece of interesting info…..Who’s been on the show since the start, has been divorced for a number of years now and wants to get back into the dating world??? Could he be our next Bachelor???? Stay tuned! 

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