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The Bachelor Episode 3 – "I'm not judging her actions, I'm judging YOUR actions" – Vanessa to Nick

Posted at 10:21 AM, Jan 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-17 12:21:35-05
I love how last week, it was “to be continued” right after Nick told the women on the group date that Liz and he did have sex after meeting at Jade and Tanner’s wedding.  And we pick up this episode the next day and all the women talking about it. Nick comes over for the cocktail party and rose ceremony.  
To Nick’s credit, he addresses the situation to all of them, tells his side of the story and encourages them to ask questions if they have any.  
Corinne for one is very happy that Liz is gone, mainly because she got to be with Nick before her! And that also means that she needs to plan something to “one up” the other women! She comes down to the cocktail party with only a coat on and I believe a bra and that is all! Oh and she brought some whipped cream with her and grabs Nick. She basically threw herself at Nick and it’s not like he was fighting it! They made out a lot, then she put whipped cream on the top of one of her “girls” and wanted Nick to lick it off.  He was a bit uncomfortable but still did it.  Of course he did, he’s a man! But then Nick actually started thinking with his head, well, his brain and realized mistakes he’s made in the past and that it’s not fair to the other women, to Corinne or himself so he backed off and wants to take it slower with her! 
That didn’t go over well with Corinne who leaves after Jasmine interrupts them.  Corinne ran upstairs crying and wants to go home cause she feels like a fool. Then she goes to sleep. And doesn’t come down for the rose ceremony! 
Nick asks where she is and is told she’s upstairs but again, to Nick’s credit, he doesn’t want to validate her behavior and wonders if it could backfire on her! Nick sends 3 girls home, Lacey, Hailey and the 3rd I don’t know her name so she didn’t make an impression on me! 
Time for another group date and when Chris Harrison drops off the date card, he says that if you are on this date, you will be blown away and they have really out done themselves this time! All the date card says on it is “Everybody” which the women don’t get, until the Backstreet Boys song “Everybody” blasts out and the “boys” walk in.  The women go nuts! For many of them, Backstreet Boys where their band growing up! The hint they give to the women is no heels, then they give them a taste of “I Want It That Way” and man, they still sound so good. 
This is pretty cool, for anyone! The women and Nick are going to be the backup dancers for the boys at their concert that night! So they all have to learn dance moves and again, the woman who has the most chemistry with Nick will be serenaded by the band at the show! 
Corinne is once again freaking out cause she can’t dance and the other women are better and stealing her thunder, which just can’t happen! She breaks down again!
All the girls and Nick do a good job but the boys think that Danielle has the best chemistry with Nick and I agree, good pick! So Nick and her get serenaded while they dance slowly on stage and end up kissing! Corinne is NOT happy.  She needs to be the center of Nick’s attention darn it! 
Corinne grabs Nick first at the cocktail party and feels connected to Nick again after he reassures her.  While back with the other women, Corinne talks about her “nanny” that she still has! The nanny does EVERYTHING for Corinne cause she doesn’t cook, clean, do laundry or even wash a spoon! The other women are just like WTF?? Jasmine asked her if she had any kids and she’s like, I’m a kid! Wow!!
Nick gives the group date rose to Danyelle, who has great chemistry with him!
Vanessa gets the 1 on 1 date and they get to take the Zero G plane and experience what it’s like in space! It starts off pretty cool but then Vanessa starts feeling sick and vomits a number of times in a bag.  But it was really sweet, Nick was right there taking care of her.  He said he has this need to protect her and really seems to have a real chemistry with her! He even kisses her later after she feels better and yes, had some gum or mints! She can’t believe he kissed her after that! At dinner they have a great talk and kiss more.  Yep, she gets the rose.  She’ll be in the top 4 for sure and I’m thinking could be top 2! 
The next group date is at a track.  Nick has been involved in track all his life and he brought some “friends” with him.  9 time Olympian Gold Medalist Carl Lewis, 6 time Olympic Gold Medalist Allyson Felix and 2016 Olympic Shotput Gold Medalist Michelle Carter.  No pressure there! They have the women go through a “Nick-a-thon” and the winner gets some alone time with Nick….in a hot tub! Seriously, what is with the hot tubs on this show?? 
The final race, Rachel “won” but when she went to grab the ring she needed, it fell and Astrid ended up getting the ring and along time with Nick! In the meantime, Dominque is feeling like Nick hasn’t given her a fair shot and pays more attention to other women.  And she tells him just that at the cocktail party when she gets alone time with him. She basically was expecting Nick to realize that something was wrong and he should have gone to her and asked her if everything is all right! Are you kidding?  He’s a guy and barely knows you, it took my boyfriend months to be able to read when I was upset! 
Nick realizes that she needs more attention but his relationships with other women are much further and he doesn’t think theirs can catch up so he sends her home! #OUCH
The next day, Nick decides to have a pool party instead of a cocktail party before the rose ceremony. Uh, doesn’t he realize there are some horny women in that house and they pretty much pounce on him when he comes over! Especially Corinne who has a plan to get Nick to herself! She arranges to get a jumping castle for Nick and her in front of the house. And she literally pounced on him right away or as one woman said, she was riding him.  She was yelling so loud OH NICK OH NICK and the women heard her and go to look and are disgusted by what they see! But Nick loves that she likes to have fun and hopes that his future wife will want to still have fun when they are old! 
The women are over it and let Nick know it.  Raven tells him that he’s making a big mistake with Corinne, another one says basically the same and tells him about her nanny.  Nick doesn’t have much of a reaction to that.  But its Vanessa that really lets him have it.  She’s like I’m not judging her actions, I’m judging YOUR actions! Are you looking for a wife or someone to “F” around with?  Cause if that is the case, then I don’t want you to give me a rose! 
Hopefully that will make Nick stop thinking with the wrong head!! We’ll have to wait till next week to find out cause it ended there….again.  So much drama already and we’re just getting started!! 
Till then, will you accept this rose? Leslie #TheBachelor #Groovelife